How to Prep Your Natural Nails and Apply Your Press On Nails

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If you want to have bold designs on your nails but don't have time to sit for hours in the salon, Teri Wells press on nails might be for you! The application process is quick and easy. Read below to learn how to properly apply your press ons. 

1. Pick out your nail sizes

2. Remove any nail polish from your nails

3. Clip nails short and file them down if needed

4. Use a cuticle remover and cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles

    If you don't have a cuticle remover you can alway soak your nails in some warm water for a few minutes to soften up the cuticles. Then you can push back your cuticles. 

    If you skip this step your nails will not last as long!

5. Lightly buff your nails with a buffer or nail file

    The glue will stick better to a rough surface than a smooth surface.

6. Use nail file to scratch the inside of the press on nail

7. Wipe nails with alcohol or a dehydrator to remove any natural oils on your nail

   Any oil on your nails will cause the press ons to lift and pop off sooner.    

8. Apply one nail at a time

     Cover your entire nail with glue

     Apply the press on close to the cuticle area

     Press firmly for about 15 - 20 seconds.

Additional tips to make your press ons last longer:

  • Do not leave nails submerged in water for long periods of times. Use gloves when washing dishes
  • Make sure you are applying enough glue.

For more temporary wear use adhesive tabs. 


Check out my YouTube video on how to prep and apply press ons:


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