How To Size Your Press On Nails - What size are press on nails?

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So, you’ve browsed the store and found several nail designs that you’d like to purchase

But you’re wondering, “How can I be certain that I’m purchasing the right size?”

Not to worry!

In this post, I’ll share with you the best and most effective ways to select your perfect size so that you can make confident purchases without fear or worry

There are several methods to sizing your nails for press ons. 

Here’s what they are.

  • Option #1. Purchase a full set
  • Option #2. Purchase pre-made sizes S, M, L or XL
  • Option #3. Purchase a sizing kit for custom nails

Let’s dive into each of these in a bit more detail, shall we?

Option #1 Purchase a full set

The easiest method is to purchase a full set of nails. 

This keeps you from doing the extra work of measuring your nails and eliminates the risk of measuring your nails incorrectly.

You're practically guaranteed to find a match for each nail. 

And because it is a full set, you also have extra nails to choose from. 

Producing full sets takes more time than pre made sizes, so there is a slight premium calculated in the cost

Option #2 Purchase pre-made sizes S, M, L or XL

This option is great for women who know their nail size

You can get exactly what you need without any extras that you may not, which saves you a few coins 

However, this option does require more work that the first

You start by looking at a sizing chart, similar to the same way you would while shopping at an online clothing store. 

Once you’ve measured your nails, you compare your measurements to the sizing chart.

Then you select the option that best matches based on what you’ve measured.

Sizes include small, medium, large, or extra large. 

Then you purchase the  pre-made nails in your size. 

This option is the most common method for purchasing press ons. 

When you choose this option while purchasing from me, you will receive 12-14 nails (depending on the set) so there are still a couple extra nails to choose from. 

REMEMBER to look at the size chart for the TYPE of nail shape you are purchasing! 

Each nail shape is made slightly different so the measurement changes.

This option requires a little extra work than the first, however you will receive your nails faster than Option 3. 

Option #3 Purchase a sizing kit for custom nails

The last option is to purchase a sizing kit. 

Some companies offer sizing kits specifically for the nail shape you want. 

Purchase the sizing kit and then try each nail on once it arrives, then share your sizes with the company making your custom nails. 

They will then begin making the nail design you want. 

With this option, you received 10 nails that are custom made to fit you!

The downside to this method is that it takes the longest — you essentially have to receive two shipments: first the sizing kit and then the actual custom order

Since you only receive 10 nails, you have to take on the risk of any accidental sizing errors that you might make when recording and providing your sizes to the company you’ve purchased custom nails from. 

We now offer press on nail sizing kits to ensure your nails are custom fitted to you!



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