The Benefits of Press On Nails

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Press on Nails have come a LONG way over the years! Keep reading to see why you should consider trying press on nails and why Teri Wells Nails is a great option.  

Benefits of Press On Nails

  • Huge TIME SAVERS! Press ons can be applied QUICKLY and EASILY in just 30 minutes or less!
  • Access to TRENDY and LUXURIOUS nail art at ALL TIMES
  • YOU control how long they last! Wear them as long or as short as you like!
  • REUSABLE! Loved the nails you wore a couple of weeks ago? You can revisit that look a month from now!
  • EXTRA DURABLE!  They WON’T chip!
  • SAFER on your real nails and easier to remove than gel or acrylics
  • SAVES you COINS!!! Less expensive than trips to a high-end nail tech. They more than pay for themselves the second time you use them!

Teri Wells Nails Is Perfect For You If...

  • You want to look stylish and feel good
  • Are a lover of nail art, but can’t do it yourself
  • Would rather be doing something you feel as more meaningful than spending all day at the nail salon
  • Want to revisit your favorite looks with ease and no hassle
  • Are concerned about damaging your nails with gels or acrylics
  • Want to be flexible and change up your looks as often as you see fit


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