Sizing Chart

Sizing Kits:

Order a sizing kit to ensure proper fit of your nails.

Choose the sizing kit in the nail shape you want. We currently have 10 nail shapes!

Convert the mm measurement to the number that corresponds to that nail. Example: 9 mm = 7

Please measure your nails carefully. All press on nail sets are FINAL SALE. Please email us if you have any questions about nail sizing. 

Teri Wells Nails Press On Nail Sample Sizing Kit - how to measure your nails for press on nails

how to measure nails with tape measure and with tape press on nails

**If you don't want to wait for a sizing kit, purchase a full set of 22 nails. This keeps you from doing extra work, and prevents any stress of measuring your nails incorrectly.


Nail Shapes: 

 sample sizing chart for press on nail shape and length


 NEW: We've added an extra short round, almond, and coffin shapes and medium square.